Summer 2023

SHORT CUTS COMMUNITY Past Board President Marsha Zeitlin, client Suzanne Brady, and current Board President Peter Bolton at the facility that has improved so many lives over the last 50 years. F ifty years ago, a visionary Monterey swim- ming instructor created a one-of-a-kind community resource. Edith Perry had noticed how her students, mostly individuals with spe- GMEP RIIHW FIRI½XIH JVSQ [EVQ [EXIV XLIV - apies. So, she heated her backyard pool and expanded her teaching menu. 8LI RSRTVS½X .SWITLMRI /IVRIW 1IQSVMEP Pool, named for Perry’s mother, was updated MR XLI IEVP] W 8SHE] /IVRIW %HETXMZI %UYEXMGW SJJIVW I\IVGMWI TVSKVEQW JSV GLMPHVIR and adults living with autism, cerebral palsy, post-surgery challenges, spinal cord injuries, age-related mobility loss and other conditions. The facility has a 92-degree pool, a lift and amenities tailored to nonambulatory individuals. “For people who use wheelchairs, or those [LS ½RH PERH FEWIH I\IVGMWIW HMJ½GYPX SV impossible, this is an opportunity to have freedom of movement,” says Lynn Young, the organization’s executive director. ,IEPXL TVEGXMXMSRIVW VIJIV MRHMZMHYEPW XS /IVRIW Pool, and services range from independent exer- cise to partially or fully assisted programs. Grants, community donations and scholarships support GPMIRXW [MXL PMQMXIH ½RERGMEP VIWSYVGIW Ongoing surveys show the facility’s lasting MQTEGX ±%FSYX SJ SYV GPMIRXW VITSVX MQTVSZIH WXVIRKXL ERH SZIVEPP LIEPXL ERH VITSVX E FIXXIV UYEPMX] SJ PMJI ² =SYRK WE]W ±-X´W just a lovely place to get healthy, stay healthy, be strong and feel good about what you’re able to accomplish.” For more information, or to support Kernes Adaptive Aquatics, visit or call 831/372-1240. /IVRIW 4SSP 1EVOW =IEVW SJ 'SQQYRMX] -QTEGX & = 6 )2) ) & 6 - 2'/ 7 84 C A R M E L M A G A Z I N E • S U M M E R 2 0 2 3 Photo: Kelli Uldall